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Linda Palumbo OlszanskiLinda Palumbo Olszanski
Assistant Vice President of International Programs
Office: Minor Fine Arts 202
Phone: (706) 233-7409
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Kaitlin AkvanKaitlin Akvan
Administrative Assistant for International Programs
Minor Fine Arts 202

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.”
Mark 16:15

Why Study Abroad?

The Association of American Colleges and Universities recently surveyed national business leaders to evaluate college graduates in several key areas, including global knowledge. “Nearly one-half of employers responding did not think their recent college hires had the global knowledge necessary for advancement.”

Study abroad is a stepping stone to acquiring the global knowledge needed to compete in today’s job market, excel in graduate school, and serve in a multicultural society. In addition, a study abroad experience provides the opportunity for personal growth, an understanding of other cultures and world dynamics, improvement of language skills, and increased confidence, independence, and maturity.

Upcoming Events

International Education Week
September 14-17

Watch First Lady Michelle Obama talk about the importance of Study Abroad:

Michelle Obama: The iReport interview

Students with Big Ben in the backgroundBe a Global Citizen

At Shorter University, we develop global citizens by promoting intercultural understanding and encouraging students to study, work, and live abroad.

Shorter University’s Office of International Programs offers study abroad opportunities for students and research/teaching opportunities for Shorter University faculty members throughout a variety of college and university campuses around the world.

Study abroad agreements have been established with a growing number of colleges and universities throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America. The Study Abroad Partners describes all of Shorter’s current exchange partners and affiliates for those students interested in studying abroad for a semester or a full academic year.

Most programs are taught in English, while others offer courses in the host language. The Office of International Programs can help students select the program best suited to their interests and needs.

Participation in Shorter University’s Study Abroad programs is limited to Rome traditional students.

Our Students Abroad

Congratulations to Kathryn Grace on her nomination to the “Only in Spanish” competition at Spanish Studies Abroad – Seville.

Image of Kathryn Grace

Julian Duncan spent the fall semester studying abroad in Austria at Salzberg College. Here Julian is seen playing piano for the fall semester final concert and farewell party. This video is of one of the highlights of the final concert, the final project of the “Vocal and Instrumental Arranging” course in which all the music students participated.

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