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SPANISH STUDIES ABROAD – The Center for Cross-Cultural Study

This agreement enables students to study at CCCS sites in Seville, Alicante and Barcelona, Spain, as well as Cordoba, Argentina, during the fall, spring and summer terms. A wide variety of liberal arts, language, and culture courses are taught in Spanish for the beginning, intermediate, or advanced Spanish speaker. Students are housed either with a local family or in a dormitory. This arrangement allows for full immersion in the Spanish language. Integrated programs in local universities are also available. Generally, the CCCS programs include excursions to sites of cultural or historic importance.


Through its BestSemester programs, CCCU provides opportunities for authentic engagement of faith, identity, ideas, and worldview within a unique cultural environment. In addition to academic programs, BestSemester offer a variety of
internships, service projects, and community involvement. Programs are available in Australia, China, India, Costa
Rica, Egypt, England, and Uganda.

BestSemester – Australia Studies Centre (ASC)

This program is designed to integrate the study of Australian culture, religion, politics, history and Indigenous cultures with service learning and formal instruction in the arts.

The ampitheatre in Sydney, Australia

BestSemester – India Studies Program (ISP)

Students enrolled in ISP would take two core courses (Contemporary India: Culture, Society and Challenges-India’s Religious Landscape) and choose three elective courses (Options: Social Work-Literature-Indian Design-Fine Arts-Culinary Studies-Business). Service opportunities and travel components are included for each course including a two-week travel section at the end of the semester.

Traditional dancers in India

BestSemester – Latin American Studies Program (LASP)

Based in San José, Costa Rica, students enrolled in this program will study the language, literature, culture, politics, history, economics, ecology and religion of the region. Students will be required to do internships in the community and travel to nearby Central American nations.

Costa Rica

BestSemester – China Studies Program (CSP)

The CSP allows students to study the culture, history, religion, geography and economic reality of China. Students may choose one of two available concentrations (Chinese Studies and Business) and study standard Chinese language.

Large pagoda style building in China

BestSemester – Oxford Summer Program (OSP)

This five-week summer program in the University of Oxford allows students to take seminars and tutorials on specialized topics in the areas of English language and literature, history (including history of art and science), philosophy, theology and religion.

Smiling student in England

BestSemester – Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO)

Students enrolled in SSO at the University of Oxford will enroll in a primary and secondary tutorial (Topics: classics, English language and literature, history, philosophy, theology, modern foreign languages, musicology and the history of art), in an integrative seminar and in the British Landscape course.

Applicants are generally honors and must have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA to be considered for this program.

Student with native person in Uganda

BestSemester – Uganda Studies Program (USP)

USP requires students to apply to the Uganda Studies Emphasis (USE); the Intercultural Ministry and Missions Ministry (IMME) or the Social Work Emphasis (SWE). All students need to take a Faith and Action course plus some combination of core courses on the African context, Practicum Courses and elective courses. Students will spend time in rural Uganda and neighboring country Rwanda.


Shorter is a member of this association of U.S. colleges and universities which offers summer language programs in Beijing or Changsha, China, or in Amman, Jordan. Chinese and Arabic are among the most in-demand languages today, and these programs offer intensive language study ranging from four to ten weeks. These programs include excursions to historic and cultural sites and are geared toward beginning language students.


Shorter University is affiliated with this organization in the beautiful Provence region of southern France. IAU offers institutions of liberal arts and sciences in Avignon and in Aix-en-Provence, as well as its own Marchutz School of Art in Aix-en-Provence. Students may attend during the fall, spring, or summer semesters. Students are required to study the French language while at IAU. Housing will be provided with a local French family, enabling students to fully enjoy the traditional French culture.


Students may spend one or two semesters of study in Salzburg, Austria, studying a variety of liberal arts and visual/performing arts. Salzburg College is particularly suited for students wanting to further their study of the German language and desiring to live with a host family. Located in the heart of the Old City, the college occupies a 16th century townhouse. The close vicinity of public, education and cultural institutions allows for easy integration of classroom study and onsite experience. Students can also take advantage of travel opportunities across Europe.


Christian Study Abroad

Through this program, Shorter students will be able to enroll in universities in Chile, England, France, Italy, South Korea, Spain and, while they are earning their college credit, they will have the opportunity to work with local missionaries and be fully immersed in the local community.

Annual Summer Programs

Every year faculty lead short-term study abroad programs. These programs occur in May, June and July and the number of credit hours awarded for such programs are flexible. Students who wish to participate in the annual summer programs must enroll in assigned classed in the spring semester prior to the trip and coursework is submitted in the summer following the program. The costs of all required activities and most meals are

As with all university programs, all annual summer programs have a strong integration of biblical faith and learning in their educational experiences. In the past, Shorter has led groups to Central or South America (AMERICAS program) and such programs focused on Spanish language and culture. Past locations have included Mexico, Ecuador,
and the Galapagos Islands. Exotic destinations are not foreign to Shorter, as we have traveled to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Myanmar, China, Japan, Thailand, Russia, and the Philippines (ASIA program).
Students are eager to know the “Old Continent” so we lead almost every summer a group to Europe (EUROPE program). The program usually visits England and another European country. Past locations have included
Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands.

We have also ventured to the Middle East and have traveled to Israel and Palestine (MIDEAST program).

Spring Break Programs

Occasionally, an international spring break is offered to Shorter students. These 10- day programs provide an opportunity to experience the culture, history, and people of another country for a brief visit, along with Shorter faculty and students. Past programs have visited Israel, England and Austria.

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