Student Support Services

Student Support Services is located in the Fitton Student Center , Room 219.
Phone: 706-233-7323
Fax: 706-236-1519 (confidential)


Sarah CollierSarah Collier
Director of Student Services
Fitton Student Union, Room 223


Krista HuckabyKrista Huckaby
Administrative Assistant for Student Health & Support Services


Christopher WheelusChristopher Wheelus
Career Development Services Coordinator / Career Counselor
FSU 223

We can help!

University students encounter a variety of challenges during their years of study. They face the tasks of separating from their families, establishing themselves as independent adults, developing new and closer relationships, and defining and committing themselves to a career. Older students face many of the same challenges, while also managing the responsibilities of work and more permanent relationships.

The office of Student Support Services provides assistance to students to better equip them for success during their tenure at Shorter University.

Mission Statement

The mission of Student Support Services is to promote student success, personal and spiritual development and academic excellence by offering assistance and support in areas that may limit a student’s ability to perform at their optimal level. Furthermore, our goal is to encourage success beyond the time spent here at Shorter University by teaching skills and habits for personal and professional success.

Counseling Services

Many students seek counseling as an aid to their personal development during their years of study. Services include individual counseling, consultation, and self-help assistance.

Disability Services

This office ensures that students with disabilities receive accommodations that allow them equal access to all Shorter University’s programs.

Career Development Services

Services include resume development, practice interviews, choosing a major/career, job searching skills, finding an internship.

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