QEP Student Involvement

The QEP Communication Positioning Line Think About It and the communication plan were developed by Shorter University students in Dr. Dana Hall’s COM 4600 Advertising / Public Relations Campaign Strategies Course in Fall 2011.

  • This included a series of student-conducted focus groups with Shorter undergraduate students that were conducted during the fall of 2011 to gather thoughts and opinions regarding the QEP theme and to generate creative thought that led to the positioning line, Think about it.
  • One Focus group student respondent on the importance of critical thinking:
    • “You can look at something one second and know what the answer is, but when you sit there and think about it, you start second-guessing yourself. When you start to critically think about situations, you’ll come up with a more solidified answer. You become more grounded on what you believe.”


Complete student focus group report
Student communication plan and positioning line recommendation


The QEP Festival activities and communication plan are implemented by Shorter University undergraduate students of Dr. Hall’s spring 2012 COM 4300 Public Relations Cases course.