The Mission of Shorter University is to provide quality higher education, enabling and encouraging student commitment to active life-long learning, personal spiritual values, responsible citizenship, and community and societal leadership in a global context.

The University seeks to accomplish this Mission through quality undergraduate liberal arts programs, specialized professional programs, and select graduate programs. Geographically distant locations and online classes provide educational opportunities to individuals who are unable to attend classes in a traditional setting. The University affirms a commitment to the Christian faith and strives to integrate Christian values within a nurturing community within its whole process of education.

Philosophy for Christian Education

Shorter University is a Christ-centered liberal arts university dedicated to academic excellence within the context of a biblical worldview. As a Christian university, Shorter is committed to keeping an emphasis upon a biblically sound, integrated, faith-based education that promotes a zeal for academic, spiritual, and professional growth. The educational process of teaching and learning involves the whole person, and Shorter is committed to the principle that all truth comes from God and finds its fullest expression in the person of Jesus Christ. Shorter University deeply cares about the academic and spiritual development of its students and believes that students should be challenged academically and spiritually to impact culture. By providing an educational process intent on transforming lives through Jesus Christ, Shorter University seeks to glorify God through students equipped for lifelong servant leadership.

Our organizational brand and educational philosophy are reflective of and permeated by the timeless truths of Jesus Christ. Shorter University is committed to a broad based liberal arts education, believing it is not only a task, but a calling to seek truth and apply that truth in the marketplace of life. Christ-centered scholarship has its foundation in the biblical command to love God with all of our heart, soul, strength, and mind (Mark 12:30) and must be pursued in every field of study.

Our quality education is reflective of our founders’ vision for developing young scholars who will impact the global community as valuable servants of the Lord. As a Christ-centered institution, Shorter affirms its affiliation with and commitment to the Georgia Baptist Convention.

Educational Principles for Undergraduate Programs

Shorter University provides a curriculum and educational environment that:

  • Effectively immerses students in the historical, scientific, and cultural bases for contemporary civilization by combining intellectual discovery with critical thinking.
  • Engages students in a discussion of the values that bind together our society in general and the Christian community in particular.
  • Ensures that students reach the levels of skill in written and oral communication, mathematics, technology, and information literacy necessary to take full advantage of college coursework and they continue to exercise and enlarge these skills.
  • Persuades students of the value of integrating knowledge and forming relationships among courses and between acquired knowledge and new ideas.
  • Promotes in students the habit of acting on their responsibilities as members of our society and of the world community.
  • Promotes in students the habit of enriching their lives through art and religion.
  • Promotes in students the habit of maintaining physical, spiritual and emotional health and well-being.
  • Prepares students for careers or further education.