Business Office

Sheffield-Thompson building on the Rome camus


We are committed to providing the most professional, responsive and efficient customer service to the students of Shorter University. The Business Office is responsible for the collection, control and custodianship of all University funds, securities, and related records. Our goal is to safeguard University assets and follow departmental, University, State and Federal policies and procedures while providing prompt, courteous service to our customers.

Business Office Location 

315 Shorter Avenue
Rome, GA 30165

Phone: 706-291-2121
Fax: 706-233-7322

Hours of Operation (Monday – Friday)

Phones: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm ET
Windows: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm ET


The CFO/Vice President of Finance is directly responsible to the President of the university. The responsibilities include leadership of the primary financial, budgetary and communication functions of the university with specific responsibilities for the development of policies and procedures in Accounting Services, Human Resources, Financial Aid, the Box Office, Auxillary Services, Post Office/Copy Room and Communications.

The duties of this position also include, but are not limited to:

  • Development and monitoring of the university budget
  • Coordination and guidance of the budget process
  • Coordination of monthly closing operation
  • Production of all management operating statements
  • Production of annual reports
  • Management of cash flow, investments and endowments
  • Operational decisions including capital purchases, leases, contract negotiations and insurance
  • Special assignments made by the President


Susan ZeirdSusan Zeird, CFO & Vice President of Finance

Please address all requests for reports and analyses to the CFO & Vice President of Finance at 706-233-7244 or




706-233-7982 – Bill Mewbourne – Student Accounts Coordinator, Riverdale and Cobb
706-233-7983 – Brenda Long – Student Accounts Coordinator, Rome and Gwinnett

706-233-7984 – Fax


Student Accounting

Vickie GandyVickie Gandy
Student Accounts Coordinator – Traditional Students



Brenda LongBrenda Long
Student Account Coordinator



Bill MewbourneBill Mewbourne
CAPP Student Accounts Coordinator – Riverdale and Cobb



Justin ParsonsJustin Parsons
Student Account Coordinator – Online



Rebekah WoodRebekah Wood
Manager of Student Accounts


Financial Accounting

Robin CavinRobin Cavin
Executive Assistant to the CFO



Vicky DrnekVicky Drnek
Accounts Payable Coordinator


Scott HowardScott Howard
General Accounting Manager



Photo Not AvailableSarah Lively
Staff Acccountant



Susan ZeirdSusan Zeird
CFO & Vice President of Finance

The Director of Accounting Services/Controller is responsible for maintaining all accounting procedures and processes, the coordination of the annual audit, student billing, cash reconciliation and the coordination and reconciliation of funds for Financial Aid.

For questions concerning the business office, Ms. Zeird can be reached at or 706-233-7244.



Vicky GloverVicki Glover
Switchboard Coordinator

The Switchboard, which is located in Sheffield-Thompson, Main Floor, processes all general incoming calls for the university. This is the central point of communication for information on theatre and athletic events, camps, and university announcements.

Checks up to $50.00 per week may be cashed at the Business Office. Return check fees are $25.00 per check.